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                                      Meet Morty

Morty Stein is a high energy, National Touring comedian who has been entertaining audiences young and old for many years.  Audiences love his animated and unique story telling about many different topics that everybody can relate to.  Many of his shows are private, corporate events, but he has appeared on the stages of many prestigious clubs across the country.  Recently, he has performed at several comedy festivals entertaining a wide range of audience members as well as industry professionals.


Morty also produces several shows around Northern California and is also the host of the Podcast “Die Laughing,” He also has developed quite a following on TikTok educating people and answering their questions about his day job as a Mortician under the channel “Funeral Home Confessions.”


When he is not on stage, Morty loves to play golf and he is an avid collector of vinyl record albums.  He currently resides in the Foothills of Northern California with his wife and 2 rescue pups, “Fender” and “Macy.”

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