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"I never thought clean comedy was funny...till I met Morty Stein.  He was funny and his storytelling was top notch!"

Steve C. - Los Angeles, CA


“Morty was very professional with our group and they enjoyed him very much. I appreciate his natural talent to warm the group up and change his material to better suit our audience, I would recommend him to anyone, young or old! Thank you Morty!!”


 M. Cady – Folsom, CA


“Morty is not only a very funny comedian, and as an event planner you won't have to worry about his act. He is very professional and classy as he makes your audience laugh. He keeps his comedy PG13 or cleaner if you request. He is quick to answer any questions and can help you with other suggestions for entertainment. I used him as a standup comedian and producer as he brought an opening act and a middle act. He keeps his time limit promise. I was in a bind to rent a PA and he was able to bring his for a very affordable price. One more thing off my list. I highly recommend Morty.”


 D. Vranesic – Los Angeles, CA.


“It was such a fun evening with my group of friends.  We had a great time! Morty is very talented and very funny.  Keep making the world laugh.”


S. Maldonado – Redding, CA

"We had such a fun night and Morty had us laughing from the minute he told his opening joke.  I haven't had a belly laugh like that in a really long time"

F. Wortham - Lincoln, CA

"If you are looking for a fun and engaging comedian, then Morty is your guy.  He even did a planning session with us prior to the event to ensure we were not forgetting anything and he genuinely wanted us to have an enjoyable and successful event.  If you are looking for comedy for your event, Morty is the man!"

K. Jensen - Granite Bay, CA

"Morty put on an incredible show for us. All I can tell you is the audience did not stop laughing the entire night! Seriously, I think they actually laughed so hard they were worn out! What a great night! I couldn’t be happier! Thank you again, Morty!"

E. Baker - Rocklin, CA

"Morty performed for our community last evening and everything was just perfect and absolutely hilarious! Everyone laughed so hard their tummys hurt! We would absolutely love to have him back again and would highly recommend his act to anyone who just wants to have a show with good, clean and funny comedy! Thank you Morty for giving us all such a great performance! I received numerous messages from attendees thanking me for locating such a great comedian and his wonderful show."

P. Valentine -  Folsom, CA.

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